Installing Values

At Glen Settle Windows, our mission is to design, supply and install the best products while having a minimal effect on the environment. 

Glen Settle Windows ensure we are sourcing our products from suppliers that share our values. For example, our timber supplier only uses FSC sourced timber.  This means we know that beautiful old redwoods are not being cut down and shipped from all over the world. 

We believe it is important to support and help build small and local companies and tradesmen. That’s why we love working with a wonderful local man for all our handmade timber products. Working with him also allows us to offer the option for restoration of original timber windows and doors. Restoring, we believe, is the best way to recycle. We will always try and repair before we can replace. 

Our installers are trained to fit the best windows they can, not the most windows they can. Their training goes beyond popping a window in a hole. It’s everything from the way the van is kept, to the tools they’re using, to their friendly communication with customers and colleagues.

We’re extremely proud to offer a lifestyle policy for everyone that works at Glen Settle Windows. This allows colleagues express themselves and develop and grow as professionals and people.

I feel we have a responsibility in business to help. We want to be able to leave the world better than we found it, to treat the environment with respect by ensuring we’re working in the most sustainable way possible. To bring new ideas to our customers and the industry, and to instil good values in the workplace, society and the world around us.

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