Here at Glen Settle Windows, we always want to ensure that you have the right aftercare information for the products fitted and that you know where to call if there are any issues. You can find aftercare guidelines for all products and services below.

Looking after your new doors or windows

Windows and door frames:
Often, the most effective care methods for cleaning and extending the lifespan of a window and door frame are really very simple. Using a soft cloth with water and some washing up liquid is the easiest and best way to keep your frames clean.

Please do not use:

Glass cleaner on frames

  • Any other cleaning agent
  • Caustic or ammonia-based cleaning agents
  • Scouring powder or other abrasive cleaners
  • Steel wool or scouring pads


For general cleaning, a soft cloth with water and washing-up liquid will often be sufficient, however, where there is more dirt and grime than normal we suggest a commercial window cleaning solution. Please remember to keep the solution away from the frame and wash away any residue with clean water.

Locks and Hinges:
It is very easy to forget that locks and hinges need lubricating from time to time and a common reason for their failure is due to lack of maintenance. To help lubricate your locks we would recommend that you try to use white grease (also known as lithium soap), which can be commonly found in most hardware stores. For hinges, the occasional drop of a light machine oil will do the trick.

Please do not use:

  • Cooking oil or other greases

Tips & Advice

Having double glazing installed should help reduce condensation on your windows. If you do experience condensation it is normally down to a ventilation issue. As long as your room is heated normally, providing controlled ventilation will help to clear the affected area.
If you ever experience condensation between the panes of a double glazed unit, then this is normally an indication that the air or gas cavity is no longer completely sealed. If this has occurred, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

General Repair and Workmanship Warranty:
We provide cover for all repairs and workmanship carried out by us for 1 year from the date of installation. If your product develops a fault due to defective materials or construction within the guarantee period we have stated, we will repair or replace it at no extra cost to you.

All guarantees are to the benefit of the original purchaser of the product. Warranty period is not applicable to Supply Only Sales. Please read our Terms and Conditions for more details.


The guarantee does not cover the following:

  • Faults resulting from landslides, flooding, roots or moss, drought, subsidence or settlement.
  • Thermal breaks.
  • Normal wear and tear.
  • Failure to follow the maintenance instructions, accident, misuse or neglect.

The guarantee does not cover scorched PVCu caused by heat reflected from surfaces of window dressings or products damaged by failure to prevent condensation on the outside of the unit.

Note – Glass has minor imperfections and shading differences; the standards are outlined by the Glass and Glazing Federation in their Technical Section.

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