Double Glazing

Double glazing windows are specifically designed to reduce heat loss from homes and buildings. Double glazed units create twice the insulation as a single glazed unit would.

Advantages of double glazed windows-

  • Warmer in the winter – Double glazing is great for insulation, it can also help capture natural heat and store it in the winter. This is a great way of keeping your home insulated in the winter months.
  • Energy cost savings – Less energy is used up to heat or cool a room when double glazed windows are installed, this results in lower energy bills and money being saved. Adding more layers of glazing will increase the insulation levels and save more money.
  • Cooler in the summer – Double glazed windows can trap some of the rays coming through the windows on a hot summer’s’ day causing your room to be cooler. This means less air-conditioning is required.
  • Safety – With more units being on double glazed windows, the safety of your home increases. They are harder to break and are sealed tighter than other windows.
  • Less condensation – Double glazed windows reduce the amount of moisture on your window panes, as the airtight seal prevents the condensation from building up. Other windows often allow condensation to build up which causes window panes to have mould in.
  • Less noise – With more units comes less noise and a quieter home. If you live by busy roads or in a generally noisy area then double glazed windows are crucial to you.
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