Timber Effect

Glen Settle Windows Timber effect windows

Timber Effect windows are made from modern uPVC, and designed to replicate the traditional timber styles, with parts made to perfectly recreate traditional joinery techniques.

This allows us to get the aesthetics and the traditional feel we love of a timber window, with the durability and functionality of modern materials.

We’re proud to be approved installers for both Residence and Roseview Windows.

We wanted to supply and install the best products and work with a supplier that understands what is required from a window. Both companies really meet these requirements and are able to tastefully retain a property’s unique character.

Glen Settle Windows Timber effect windows
Glen Settle Windows Timber effect windows

Their windows are made to such a high quality, that they could easily be mistaken for timber windows. This is also great news if you live in a conservation area. The Residence 9 window specifically was designed to extract the key principles, shapes and dimensions from the Article 4 Conservation Area guidelines for windows. This means they’re more likely to be accepted by Planning.

Key Points:

• A wood-grain effect finish
• Less maintenance than timber
• Range of models for every home and budget
• Range of customisation options
• High energy efficiency and noise reduction
• Enhanced security

Window Specifications
Glen Settle Windows Timber effect windows


R² windows have a contemporary appearance. Glass sightlines are completely equal to create a smooth and symmetrical look. Internally, the deep square edge creates a unique look which perfectly demonstrates the window’s innovation.

Nine chambered frames provide excellent levels of thermal performance and increased insulation. Their flush exterior is low maintenance and durable, protecting any property from extreme weather conditions.


Residence 7 windows feature flush frames. Their interior and exterior aesthetic is stylish and low maintenance.

Their seven-chamber design provides excellent levels of thermal performance. Their profile is 75mm wide and can accommodate double or triple glazing.

Residence 7 windows are internally beaded for superior security performance. When combined with multi-point locking, they are one of the most secure window systems available today.

Glen Settle Windows Timber effect windows
Glen Settle Windows Timber effect windows


A window perfect for a period property, regularly accepted for use in conservation areas for timber window replacements.

Thier 9-chamber profiles which are designed to keep warm air in and cold air out. This system is capable of achieving energy ratings of A+, and  will also help a building attain PassivHaus Standard, easily exceeding Building Regulations requirements.

The glass is bonded to the sash to further improve security levels and strengthen the overall design of the window.  Glass bonding is commonly used in high specification windows where strength must be maximised and regularly feature in modern skyscrapers and buildings where safety and security are essential.


Charisma Rose

Charisma Rose uPVC sash windows are the most cost-effective sash window from the Roseview range. It merges traditional ovalo detailing with the benefits of modern materials and manufacturing techniques. This makes it an all-round performer that’s suitable for any type of property.

It comes with a range of premium features, including inward tilting sashes allowing you to clean the outsides from the inside. There’s also a discreet aluminium anti-jemmy bar to enhance security, triple brush seals for excellent weather performance, clip-on or run-through horns.

Glen Settle Windows Timber effect windows
Glen Settle Windows Timber effect windows

Heritage Rose

Designed with all the traditional detailing found in period and Victorian windows, the Heritage Rose sash windows can be personalised, coming in a range of colours to suit individual needs. A number of decorative features such as authentic astragal bars and run-through sash horns ensure complete authenticity to create a close match to original timber windows.

The Heritage Rose window has a high level of security, acoustic and energy efficiency credentials. Easy to operate and extremely low-maintenance.

Ultimate Rose

Every detail of the Ultimate Rose sash window has been designed to replicate the charm and character of a timber sash window. With slim timber-like profiles and an industry-leading 35mm meeting rail, it has so much style and authenticity. And with period features full of details, like the joinery-style mechanical joints, a deep bottom rail, run-through horns and external putty lines, it would take an expert to spot that it’s uPVC.

There are the obvious benefits that come with modern materials and techniques – from energy efficiency and security, through to sound insulation and low maintenance.

Glen Settle Windows Timber effect windows
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