• Class 1 durability
  • Sustainably sourced softwood.   
  • Dimensionally Stable 
  • Swelling and shrinkage reduced by 75% 
  • Doors and windows open effortlessly all year round
  • Reduced maintenance cost


  • Outstanding Durability
  • Lasting 50 years above the ground.  25 years in ground/fresh water
  • Virtually rot proof


  • Ideal for coating
  • Improved stability means coatings can last twice as long
  • Easier to coat, less preparation required


  • Smells like fish and chips


  • Suitable for both windows and doors, Sapele is a common hardwood sourced from West Africa and the Cameroon
  • Class 3 durability


European Redwood
  • Sourced as engineered laminated stock to improve durability, this species is a cost- effective option for stylish new timber windows.


  • Extremely beautiful timber
  • Class 2 durability 
  • It’s Oak
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